• cause In the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting earlier this month, a Gannett-owned New York state newspaper published a series of interactive maps showing all of the gun permits in the region, according to public records.
  • reaction Rage. Lots and lots of rage. Gun owners and many others are extremely angry about the exposure and have retaliated against the newspaper, with one blogger publishing the editor’s address and phone number. source

Oh Americans, getting mad that people will know they own a gun. Let’s say everyone in the USA really bought guns “to protect themselves” (from other people who bought guns to protect themselves). 

I wouldn’t be mad if someone posted like a “Who Knows Karate” interactive map. Self-defense. If it really were just that, you wouldn’t be so fucking pressed. 

Gun ownership is about power, and it’s power people want to keep secret, while publicly supporting it. It’s a weird blend of shame in violence, the acceptance of the inevitability of violence, and a deeply flawed reaction to this inevitability.

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    reaction would be huge, they had to. That said I approve...would like to know which...
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    I figured they’re still updating and it only includes pistol/handgun permits. I know of quite a few people who own...
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    Fun fact: this map isn’t entirely accurate.
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  9. mconor said: I dunno what they expected, if all that information is freely available, why wouldn’t someone create a graphic of it?
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    revolutionizeed There are privacy concerns here, of course, but in the end, what’s there to be exposed? Pick any house...
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    I can’t decide how I feel about this. The information is public anyways, so I really don’t think there’s harm in...
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    Nothing warms the heart more than watching these proud Americans trying to remember which Amendment guarantees...
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    A lot of my students actually enjoy hunting and having the chance to shoot guns with their family recreationally. We...