A New Way to Drink Wine: Try This Four-Pack Stack of Chardonnay
Musing on a favorite pastime, James Michener once declared that “to dine in harmony with nature is one of the gentlest and loveliest things we can do,” concluding that “picnics are the apex of sensible living.” It’s a mantra I’ve taken to heart, “for of this world one never sees enough.” My habit is to bring a bottle of wine, uncivilized prohibitions against imbibing it outdoors be damned. Usually I take a wine key too, but being a forgetful sort, I’ve had occasion to force corks down the necks of bottles with objects as varied as a cheap plastic pen, splintery driftwood, a friend’s lipstick container, and the curved metal protruding from a u-lock. This lifestyle hassle puts me squarely in the target demographic of Stacked Wines, a new company that’s offering a variation on the traditional wine bottle and betting that their container is going to be competitive with or surpass in popularity the box-enclosed plastic bladder, the Tetra Pak, the Wine Cube, and the PET bottle. 
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    Yeah, I was just trying to remember the last time I actually bought a bottle of wine that had a cork. They seem to have...
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    "Then again, four equally apportioned 187 milliliter containers prevent you from slyly pouring slightly less than a full...
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    I’ll take two dozen of the Chardonnay, svp and merci.
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    This would actually be super fantastic and be so useful for traveling/eating outdoors yessss
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    omg there are countries where people still use corks to seal wine. Just sitting here loving on my screw top Malborough...
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    I fucking NEED this No You don’t understand The moment I find this in an LC up here I am BUYING IT
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    But can I get a Pinot Gris?